The 214 Wainwright fells and the tarns of the Lake District Map


Please take time to read some of the lovely comments we have had about the Map. Feel free to email your comments to:

Stephen McGinn, Carlilse

February 13th 2015

It arrived safely and is fantastic. Love the additional details of tarns  etc, and the way it's presented in the compass north aspect. Best Wainwright poster out there. Off at the framers already. Came across it first on, and was impressed by the black frame on white floorboards photo which makes it look great (I'm framing it the same way) but bought straight from the site in the end. Paypal is handy.

Christopher Norton, Lancaster

February 13th 2015

I received the map and am very pleased with it. I have climbed a number of the Wainwrights over the years but my wife and I are attempting to encourage the kids to enjoy hiking more. I thought the tick list idea might work. I bought another  Wainwright map at Christmas but I was really disappointed with it. I saw yours on the 214 fells Wainwright facebook site and thought it looked really good in terms of size but especially the detail. I have looked at several different ones and in my opinion I think yours looks the best.

Stephen Wheatcroft, Leeds

January 15th 2015

The map was safely received today. I love it. Nice and clearly presented and looks great on the wall. Having dabbled with the Lake District fells for a while, I thought 2015 might be a good year for me to walk them in a more concerted manner. I am just trying to decide whether to frame the map or have it on my notice board to place a map pin in each fell when walked.

Michael Elcock, Bristol

January 15th 2015

Now I have received it, I am delighted. It is just what I wanted and hoped for. There is even a list at the bottom. Thank you very much indeed. I will frame the poster and put it on the wall of my holiday cottage in the Lakes.

Sarah McCoubrey, Aberdeen

January 15th 2015

I received the map today. It's great, I really like it. I heard about it via Twitter. I tweeted a thanks to fix the fells earlier today.

Kate Burt, London

December 16th 2014

It's a gift for my partner who spent his formative years walking and camping around the Lake District. He took me there for the first time recently and I hope it's the first of many trips back – and that the map will remind us. He's also a graphic designer (and I'm an interiors geek) and the aesthetic will appeal as much as the content. It looked from the images online like a beautiful bit of design that will look marvellous framed and hanging stylishly around the house.

Julie Price, Suffolk

November 24th 2014

Received in perfect condition thanks and most promptly. It is to be a present for my husband. We live in Suffolk but try to get to the Lake District once a year and always climb at least on Wainwright as a family (our children are 5yrs and 10yrs) plus my husband will climb something more substantial. We have a fold-up Wainwright map we use to record our summits bagged but have for some time wanted something we could frame and mount on the wall at home to remind us of our Lakeland climbing adventures. This is just the ticket.

Gerry Rawcliffe, London

November 24th 2014

The map arrived and is fantastic. It is a Christmas present for my 11 year old daughter who bagged her first Wainwrights last year. We still use my late father's early edition Wainwrights from the 1960's when I was a young lad, so we are steeped in the tradition that your map helps to perpetuate.

Gareth Morris, Towcester

November 19th 2014

It arrived this afternoon, really pleased with it, it looks great. The other half is now pestering me to get it framed and hung on the wall as soon as possible. You must be proud of it, its the best artwork of its type that we have seen. Let us know when you do one of the Munro's of Scotland . . . . Many thanks Gareth

Jan Perkins, Sedbergh

October 18th 2014

This is a superb map, very clear, and looks great framed or unframed. It not only looks good, but makes a brilliant planning AND recording tool. I bought it as a present for a passionate young walking couple who were delighted with it! I would not hesitate to recommend the map and think it is well worth the price.

Simon Heyes, Berhamsptead

October 11th 2014

I was looking for a different Wainwright fells map, and this one was perfect. Slick design, peaks colour-coded by altitude, and having walked in the Lake District since I was two years old - and having completed the 24 Peaks in 24 Hours Challenge earlier this year - it's great to stand and admire on the wall. You just have to find a frame to fit.

Colin Moran, Retired Headteacher

August 16th 2014

This is a very special map which will delight all those who love the Lakes. Not only is it a stunning design to decorate your wall, it will also prove to be a key planning device especially if used with the Wainwright Guides and the OS Maps. We, who love the area, spend so much time remembering the fells we have climbed and planning to climb those we have missed. Congratulations to Shack in creating such a brilliant representation.

Colin Moran, retired Headteacher who introduced so many young people to the Lake District

Ann Barry, Liverpool

October 11th 2014

It was for a gift for my husband and we both thought it was very good. It's now in pride of place at our caravan which is based in the lakes.

John Randerson, Wakefield

June 11th 2014

This map provides a stunning visualisation of the fells and tarns of Lakeland as depicted by the great Alfred Wainwright. It serves as a great planning tool for future expeditions, reminiscences of previous adventures, and as a handy tick list for completists. The map stands as a work of art in its own right and would grace the wall of any Lakeland enthusiast.

Bruce Hardy, National Trust

June 11th 2014

I've seen a few maps of the Lakes in my time but few that I would consider hanging on my wall. This fuses a functional overview of the lakes with a level of stylistic design that would make a real statement hanging on any home or office wall. My only concern is that I will keep staring at it reminiscing about my last Lakeland adventure or planning my next!